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Professional Inspector, License #24708
License Status
Expiration Date
Inspector Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Subject Provider Name Hours
01/20/2446214Inspection of Commercial HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical SystemsOther Approved CoursesInterNACHI8
01/19/2445555Inspecting Stucco and WRB SystemsBuilding EnclosuresInterNACHI8
11/04/2346863Inspector Legal & Ethics and SOP Review (9/1/23-8/31/25)Insp L&E SOP ReviewInterNACHI8
09/19/2240881How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves and ChimneysTX SoPInterNACHI4
08/21/2243583How to Inspect the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and InteriorBuilding EnclosuresInterNACHI14
08/14/2243316How to Inspect HVAC SystemsHVACInterNACHI12
07/31/2243582How to Inspect the ExteriorBuilding EnclosuresInterNACHI16
07/11/2243558How to Perform Deck InspectionsBuilding EnclosuresInterNACHI3
07/07/2243315How to Inspect for Moisture IntrusionBuilding EnclosuresInterNACHI8
06/30/2243320Residential Plumbing Overview for InspectorsPlumbingInterNACHI8
06/08/2243321Safe Practices for the Home InspectorOther Approved CoursesInterNACHI4
05/22/2240886Structural issues for Inspectors and ContractorsTX SoPInterNACHI4
05/19/2243559How to Perform Residential Electrical InspectionsElectricalInterNACHI4
01/14/2239326Thermography Workshop and Usages in InspectionsBuilding EnclosuresInterNACHI8
01/08/2239557How to Perform Roof Inspections CourseRoofing SystemsInterNACHI4
10/30/2141541Inspector Legal & Ethics and SOP Review (9/1/21 - 8/31/23)Insp L&E SOP ReviewInterNACHI8
10/14/213952725 Standards Every Inspector Should Know CourseOptional SystemsInterNACHI5
08/25/2139506How to Inspect Pools and Spas CourseOptional SystemsInterNACHI8
01/29/2137032Inspector Legal & Ethics (9/1/2019 - 8/31/2021)Inspector Legal & EthicsAmerican Home Inspectors Training4
01/23/2137033Standards of Practice Review (9/1/2019 - 8/31/2021)SoP ReviewAmerican Home Inspectors Training4
01/20/2129865Other Approved Inspector CoursesOther Approved CoursesAmerican Home Inspectors Training6
01/06/2134302Building Enclosures IIBuilding EnclosuresAmerican Home Inspectors Training24
12/19/2029828Building EnclosuresBuilding EnclosuresAmerican Home Inspectors Training34
12/18/2033794Ride Along Training ModuleOther Approved CoursesAmerican Home Inspectors Training40
12/10/2029863Standard Report Form/Report WritingTX RF/RWAmerican Home Inspectors Training20
12/03/2037032Inspector Legal & Ethics (9/1/2019 - 8/31/2021)Inspector Legal & EthicsAmerican Home Inspectors Training4
11/28/2030045Texas Legal/EthicsTX Legal/EthicsAmerican Home Inspectors Training8
11/28/2037033Standards of Practice Review (9/1/2019 - 8/31/2021)SoP ReviewAmerican Home Inspectors Training4
11/22/2029864Texas Standards of PracticeTX SoPAmerican Home Inspectors Training4
11/16/203059824-Hour Interactive Experience Training ModuleOther Approved CoursesAmerican Home Inspectors Training24
11/10/2029833AppliancesAppliancesAmerican Home Inspectors Training14
11/05/2029831Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning SystemsHVACAmerican Home Inspectors Training34
10/18/2029832Plumbing SystemsPlumbingAmerican Home Inspectors Training24
10/08/2029830ElectricalElectricalAmerican Home Inspectors Training34
09/24/2029829Roof SystemsRoofing SystemsAmerican Home Inspectors Training34
09/14/2029827FramingFramingAmerican Home Inspectors Training38
08/26/2029826FoundationsFoundationAmerican Home Inspectors Training40