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Sales Agent, License #725500
Delegated Supervisor
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Real Estate LLC
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Real Estate Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Subject Provider Name Hours
02/14/2448547A Better Understanding of Real Estate FinancingContractsLaurence Henry, PLLC1
02/14/2448534Divorce from a Title and Real Estate PerspectiveRE CE ElectiveLaurence Henry, PLLC1
01/25/2447601Legal Update II (2024-2025)Legal Update IIFair Texas Title, LLC4
01/24/2447600Legal Update I (2024-2025)Legal Update IFair Texas Title, LLC4
10/04/2347467Leveraging Chat GPT for Real Estate SuccessRE CE ElectiveLaurence Henry, PLLC1
07/06/2342154Digging into the New 1-4 Family ContractContractsAgent eLearning LLC3
02/15/2344201Recent Contract and Addenda ChangesContractsLaurence Henry, PLLC1
12/01/2243726Straight Outta Austin - Contract UpdatesContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
05/12/2242425Twenty Mistakes of a Real Estate SalespersonRE CE ElectiveShared Success1
04/20/2239434Create, Post, Engage! - Getting the Most Out of Social MediaRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
02/15/2242040Legal Update II (2022-2023)Legal Update IILaurence Henry, PLLC4
02/14/2241886Getting the Plus out of ZipForm PlusRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title2
02/01/2242039Legal Update I (2022-2023)Legal Update ILaurence Henry, PLLC4
01/19/2240067Close with ConfidenceRE CE ElectiveLaurence Henry, PLLC1
10/28/2138200Deep in the Heart of Taxes: Property Tax GuideRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title1
08/20/21751Real Estate BrokerageQualifying RE TopicsKaplan Real Estate Education30
08/08/21935Real Estate InvestmentQualifying RE TopicsKaplan Real Estate Education30
08/02/21551Real Estate MarketingQualifying RE TopicsKaplan Real Estate Education30
07/31/21532Real Estate Marketing: Negotiation TechniquesQualifying RE, Inc.30
07/29/2137693Hot Topics In Real EstateRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC3
07/27/2141491Foundations of Real Estate FinanceRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC6
07/18/2140756Taxes and Real Estate: What You Need to KnowRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC3
07/17/2141473Current Issues: Cooperation, Negotiation, iBuyers, and DisastersRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC3
07/08/2139724Backup, Contingent & Multiple OffersContractsRepublic Title of Texas, Inc.1
07/07/2137298Working with RE Investors: Understanding Investor StrategiesRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC3
06/17/2138184Preparing a Market Analysis - Best PracticesRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC4
05/13/2139442Contracts 201 - tips in Navigating Commonly Used AddendaContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
05/13/2139445Contracts 101- Tips on Navigating the One to Four ContractContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
05/13/2140381Breaking Bad- Dealing with Contingency ContractsContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
04/14/21395981031 Like-Kind ExchangesRE CE ElectiveEducateRE1
04/13/2137748zipForm Plus BasicsRE CE ElectiveRepublic Title of Texas, Inc.2
04/06/2138773The ABC's of CMAsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
03/04/2140337The TREC 1-4 and Common AddendaContractsNational Title Group, LLC3
11/04/2039650Home Staging EssentialsRE CE ElectiveAbby Vasek Interiors2
06/18/2037551DocuSign & BeyondRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title2
03/12/2036299Industry Update and Current ChallengesRE CE ElectiveDawn Enoch Moore, P.C.1
02/26/2035947Video Marketing for Real EstateRE CE ElectiveMTritt Inc.3
02/19/2036441CNE Core ConceptsRE CE ElectiveHouston Association of REALTORS12
02/13/2037796Legal Update I (2020-2021)Legal Update IAlamo Title Company4
01/08/20383331st Page of Google with Custom MapsRE CE ElectiveMTritt Inc.2
12/18/1938171Client ManagementRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
12/12/1936462Fifty Ways to Leave a ContractContractsAlamo Title Company2
12/11/1934040Advanced Matrix MLSRE CE ElectiveMetroTex Association of Realtors, Inc.3
12/10/1934403Become Google GreatRE CE ElectiveMTritt Inc.3
11/13/1933737ZipForm OnlineRE CE ElectiveMetroTex Association of Realtors, Inc.3
11/12/1934404Generate More Leads for FreeRE CE ElectiveMTritt Inc.3
11/06/1933198Legal Update II (2018-2019)Legal Update IITitle Resources Guaranty Company4
11/04/1936654Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media ComplianceRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC4
10/24/1937055READY Real Estate AgentRE CE ElectiveTrident Response Group, LLC2
10/23/1935971Introduction to RPRRE CE ElectiveMetroTex Association of Realtors, Inc.3
10/22/1936749Texas Probate for RealtorsRE CE ElectiveTiago Title, LLC1
10/18/1934041Introduction to Matrix MLSRE CE ElectiveMetroTex Association of Realtors, Inc.3
10/17/1936047How to Sell Luxury Homes and Not Get SuedRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
10/10/1936224Don't Hesitate - Lead Generate!RE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company2
09/26/1935149Home Pricing StrategiesRE CE ElectiveProvidence Title Company1
04/27/19451Real Estate FinanceQualifying RE TopicsTexas State Online Real Estate, LLC30
03/25/19351Promulgated Contract FormsQualifying RE TopicsTexas State Online Real Estate, LLC30
02/28/191251Law of ContractsQualifying RE TopicsTexas State Online Real Estate, LLC30
01/26/191151Law of AgencyQualifying RE TopicsTexas State Online Real Estate, LLC30
12/24/18122Principles of Real Estate IIQualifying RE TopicsTexas State Online Real Estate, LLC30
11/19/18121Principles of Real Estate IQualifying RE TopicsTexas State Online Real Estate, LLC30