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Alternate Name: "RIVERA, KRIS"

Sales Agent, License #706269
Delegated Supervisor
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Real Estate LLC
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Real Estate Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Subject Provider Name Hours
04/04/2443789Are Your Ads Breaking the Rules?RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
04/02/2447600Legal Update I (2024-2025)Legal Update ITexas REALTORS4
04/02/2447601Legal Update II (2024-2025)Legal Update IITexas REALTORS4
12/15/2330122At Home with DiversityRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
11/09/2345643Listing LanguageRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
09/14/2345278Know Your Texas REALTOR BenefitsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
09/08/2346757Appraisers and Brokers...oh my!RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
09/08/2346574Stay Ahead of the CurveRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
09/07/2346699Couples TherapyRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
08/14/2346063Fair HousingRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
08/11/2344002The NAR Code of EthicsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
07/19/2342040Legal Update II (2022-2023)Legal Update IITexas REALTORS4
07/19/2342039Legal Update I (2022-2023)Legal Update ITexas REALTORS4
07/10/2344547Broker Responsibility Course (2023-2024)Broker ResponsibilityTexas REALTORS6
07/07/2343907Broker Spokesperson Media Training: Lights, Camera & Your ActionRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
06/28/2346079Overcoming the Down Payment HurdleRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
04/21/2346060Texas REALTORS Industry Issues and UpdatesRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
04/20/2342577Climbing to New Heights: Exploring Paths to LeadershipRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
02/17/2341967Review of Contract ChangesContractsTexan Title Insurance Company1
10/20/2241143Texas VA Home LoansRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
09/16/2243900Texas Legislature and Real EstateRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
09/16/2243612REALTOR Professionalism: Raising the BarRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
09/15/22439913 Secret Strategies to Rock the New Real Estate MarketplaceRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
07/15/2239842Triple Your Repeat and Referral BusinessRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
04/22/2239962Broker Responsibility Course (2021-2022)Broker ResponsibilityTexas REALTORS6
02/22/2239993The Fixer-Upper's Guide to Renovation LoansRE CE ElectiveWillow Bend Mortgage Company, LLC1
12/17/2139123Run It Like a Boss: Business PlanningRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS4
12/16/2138771Let the Seller Beware: 38 Buyer Outs in the Texas ContractContractsTexas REALTORS8
09/09/2141538Valuing the Apprasier and the AppraisalRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
09/08/2141537The ABCs of Real Estate, A is for . . . .RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
07/07/2133058Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMARE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
07/07/2133058Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMARE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
04/07/2140726New Home Construction for RealtorsRE CE ElectiveHoward E. Teichelman III6
03/24/2140338Credit 101RE CE ElectiveShapiro Hurst & Associates, LLC2
03/08/2137796Legal Update I (2020-2021)Legal Update ITexas REALTORS4
03/08/2137797Legal Update II (2020-2021)Legal Update IITexas REALTORS4
02/25/2137900RPR -AdvancedRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
02/25/2140102RPR Introduction: Getting Started with RPRRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
11/03/2039613Writing Effective Listing DescriptionsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
11/02/2038351Avoiding Contract PitfallsContractsTexas REALTORS2
05/13/20557GRI Marketing: Business SkillsQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
04/28/20420GRI: Contracts to ClosingQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
04/24/2037359Google 101 For real estate BeginnersRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
11/07/1933197Legal Update I (2018-2019)Legal Update ITexas Real Estate Educational Systems4
09/15/1937233Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for profitability!RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
09/15/1937236Senior Instructors Sizzle Through Hot TopicsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
09/13/1937250Trust-based Selling: Stop Selling Start AttractingRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
09/13/1937190How to be a Sphere InfluencerRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
09/13/1937185Negotiate Like a ProRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
06/11/19779GRI BrokerageQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
12/17/1833198Legal Update II (2018-2019)Legal Update IIThe MCE Professionals4
05/20/18122Principles of Real Estate IIQualifying RE TopicsChampions School of Real Estate, LTD30
05/17/18121Principles of Real Estate IQualifying RE TopicsChampions School of Real Estate, LTD30
05/15/18451Real Estate FinanceQualifying RE TopicsChampions School of Real Estate, LTD30
05/13/181151Law of AgencyQualifying RE TopicsChampions School of Real Estate, LTD30
05/10/181251Law of ContractsQualifying RE TopicsChampions School of Real Estate, LTD30
05/08/18351Promulgated Contract FormsQualifying RE TopicsChampions School of Real Estate, LTD30