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Sales Agent, License #687784
Delegated Supervisor
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Real Estate LLC
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Real Estate Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Subject Provider Name Hours
06/05/2447601Legal Update II (2024-2025)Legal Update IIRealStar-U, LLC4
05/16/2447600Legal Update I (2024-2025)Legal Update IRealStar-U, LLC4
03/22/24561TACS 3: Commercial Real Estate Marketing & NegotiationQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
03/01/24861TACS 2: Commercial Real Estate Property DevelopmentQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
01/17/24860TACS 1: Introduction to Commercial Real EstateQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
09/26/2346339TRLS: Leasing Agreements, Contracts, and FormsContractsTexas REALTORS6
09/25/2346343TRLS: Residential Leasing, Agency, and FundamentalsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS6
04/29/2346340Working with RE Investors: Understanding Investor StrategyRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC3
04/28/2341911Residential Property Management EssentialsRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC4
04/28/2343908Document Diligence: Safeguard Your TransactionsContractsThe CE Shop LLC4
02/28/2344002The NAR Code of EthicsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
02/23/2342040Legal Update II (2022-2023)Legal Update IIRealStar-U, LLC4
02/21/2342039Legal Update I (2022-2023)Legal Update IRealStar-U, LLC4
04/29/2140639DeedsRE CE Elective360training.com2
04/29/2140638Asset ManagementRE CE Elective360training.com3
04/28/2140641Real Estate AppraisalRE CE Elective360training.com3
11/09/2037797Legal Update II (2020-2021)Legal Update IIRealStar-U, LLC4
11/04/2037796Legal Update I (2020-2021)Legal Update IRealStar-U, LLC4
10/28/2035941Anatomy of a 1-4 ContractContractsRealStar-U, LLC3
05/08/1933198Legal Update II (2018-2019)Legal Update II360training.com4
05/07/1933197Legal Update I (2018-2019)Legal Update I360training.com4
05/06/19532Real Estate Marketing: Negotiation TechniquesQualifying RE, Inc.30
04/23/19536Real Estate Marketing: Building a Real Estate PracticeQualifying RE, Inc.30
04/12/19335Real Estate LawQualifying RE, Inc.30
11/02/16451Real Estate FinanceQualifying RE TopicsTrain Agents, Inc.30
10/04/16351Promulgated Contract FormsQualifying RE TopicsTrain Agents, Inc.30
09/27/161151Law of AgencyQualifying RE TopicsTrain Agents, Inc.30
09/21/16121Principles of Real Estate IQualifying RE TopicsTrain Agents, Inc.30
09/20/16122Principles of Real Estate IIQualifying RE TopicsTrain Agents, Inc.30
02/24/161251Law of ContractsQualifying RE TopicsTrain Agents, Inc.30