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Sales Agent, License #672151
Delegated Supervisor
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Real Estate LLC
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Real Estate Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Subject Provider Name Hours
12/20/2344036Mastering the Buyer AgreementRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
10/26/2342040Legal Update II (2022-2023)Legal Update IILaurence Henry, PLLC4
10/12/2342039Legal Update I (2022-2023)Legal Update ILaurence Henry, PLLC4
10/06/2347199Forecast: Texas Real Estate EconomicsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
08/29/2343175Top Ten Contract AddendaContractsRepublic Title of Texas, Inc.1
12/01/2243726Straight Outta Austin - Contract UpdatesContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
11/30/2241846Creating Killer Listing PresentationsRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title1
10/07/2241923Forecast 2023RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
09/21/2242837A Deeper Dive into the TREC Financing ContingencyContractsLaurence Henry, PLLC1
09/01/2241904Psychology of Marketing - Part IRE CE ElectiveGreen Scene Home Inspections1
05/30/2241487Selling to Your Sphere of InfluenceRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC3
04/26/2243137Inspection Success - Easy Things Sellers Can FixRE CE Elective1GreatCE.com1
01/25/2242039Legal Update I (2022-2023)Legal Update IRepublic Title of Texas, Inc.4
11/03/2139444Death and Divorce Issues in Texas Real EstateRE CE ElectiveFair Texas Title, LLC2
10/20/2137797Legal Update II (2020-2021)Legal Update IIFair Texas Title, LLC4
05/13/2140381Breaking Bad- Dealing with Contingency ContractsContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
05/13/2139442Contracts 201 - tips in Navigating Commonly Used AddendaContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
05/13/2139445Contracts 101- Tips on Navigating the One to Four ContractContractsFair Texas Title, LLC1
11/04/2039650Home Staging EssentialsRE CE ElectiveAbby Vasek Interiors2
04/14/2035939Proactive Reputation Control/The Best Defense Is A Good OffenseRE CE ElectiveProfessional Development Resources2
04/07/2036134Smart Homes: Are You Smarter Than the Home You're Showing?RE CE ElectiveGreen Scene Home Inspections1
11/06/1933198Legal Update II (2018-2019)Legal Update IITitle Resources Guaranty Company4
10/30/1933197Legal Update I (2018-2019)Legal Update ITitle Resources Guaranty Company4
10/04/1937361Forecast 2020RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
06/20/1936162Staging For SuccessRE CE ElectiveStewart Title Company1
02/27/1934848Instagram 201 - Advanced TopicsRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
02/27/1935854Facebook Marketing - Content Strategy And Page ExposureRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
02/07/1934758Social Media Planning To Boost Your BusinessRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company2
01/25/1935032Architecture for AgentsRE CE ElectiveAbby Vasek Interiors3
11/29/1834143Real Estate Graphic Design with CanvaRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title1
10/05/1835030Forecast 2019RE CE ElectiveMetroTex Association of Realtors, Inc.3
05/28/18211REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL IQualifying RE TopicsThe CE Shop LLC30
05/23/1832182Texas Vet: Housing and Land Loan ProgramsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
05/23/1832093VA Home Loans BootcampRE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors1
02/22/1833641Write it with HEART!RE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors1
02/14/1833198Legal Update II (2018-2019)Legal Update IITitle Resources Guaranty Company4
12/07/17779GRI BrokerageQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
10/26/1732705DocuSign ReviewRE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors2
10/05/1731197DFW Market UpdateRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title1
10/04/1732683Navigating Texas TitleRE CE ElectiveDawn Enoch Moore, P.C.1
09/21/17557GRI Marketing: Business SkillsQualifying RE TopicsTexas REALTORS30
08/10/1730530Stats, Stats & More StatsRE CE ElectiveRepublic Title of Texas, Inc.2
06/22/1732588Defensive AdvertisingRE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors1
02/16/1731863GRI: Finance Theory & PracticeRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS16
02/14/1728678Contracts - what you need to know but were afraid to askRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
02/13/1731858GRI: Diversity & Fair HousingRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
01/18/1729929Accessing Property Records Using NTREIS TaxRE CE ElectiveMetroTex Association of Realtors, Inc.3
11/14/1630482The Dirty Dozen: Common Contract ProblemsRE CE ElectiveDawn Enoch Moore, P.C.2
10/21/1631150Forecast 2017RE CE ElectiveMetroTex Association of Realtors, Inc.3
10/04/1627866Texas Tax TalkRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title2
09/15/1631215Strengthening the OfferRE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors1
09/08/1629622Legal Update ILegal Update ITitle Resources Guaranty Company4
08/25/1630568Google 4 MeRE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors2
07/12/1630567Facebook Business Page WorkshopRE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors2
06/23/1630343MATRIX MentionablesRE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors2
05/17/1630345Cloud 9RE CE ElectiveVirginia Cook, Realtors3
04/13/16451Real Estate FinanceQualifying RE TopicsLone Star College Tomball30
04/11/16351Promulgated Contract FormsQualifying RE TopicsLone Star College Tomball30
04/06/161251Law of ContractsQualifying RE TopicsLone Star College Tomball30
03/30/161151Law of AgencyQualifying RE TopicsLone Star College Tomball30
03/22/16122Principles of Real Estate IIQualifying RE TopicsLone Star College Tomball30
03/14/16121Principles of Real Estate IQualifying RE TopicsLone Star College Tomball30