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A qualifying real estate education instructor can teach qualifying education on behalf of an approved provider. Qualifying real estate education instructors are approved to teach specific courses in specific subject areas, and are approved based on their education, application and experiences. To become a qualifying education instructor of real estate courses you will need to follow these guidelines.


  • meet our requirements of honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity
  • prove competency in the subject matter to be taught and ability to teach effectively
  • have a college degree in the subject area or five years of active experience as a license holder and three years of experience in teaching or training or have significant experience in the subject matter (this will be determined by TREC)
  • provide a completion certificate from an adult education instructor training course of at least 8 hours that is acceptable to TREC and dated within the last four years

Become a Qualifying Real Estate Education Provider

  1. Meet the qualifications as listed above
  2. File your completed  Qualifying Real Estate Instructor Application with TREC. On this form you will need to include a license and education history. You will also need to attach all related documents with the form.
  3. Pay the required fee

Once you have submitted the completed application to TREC you will be notified via email of your approval. TREC can ask for additional information during the approval process, so please make sure all of your contact information is current and accurate to avoid any delays. You cannot teach any courses until you have been notified that you are approved by TREC.

Teaching CE Non-Elective Real Estate Courses

Once you have been approved to teach the following qualifying courses you may be eligible also teach our real estate non-elective CE courses, such as Broker Responsibility and Legal Update I and II. You will need approval to teach the following courses, as well as complete the required instructor training course as required by TREC:

  • Principles of Real Estate
  • Law of Agency
  • Law of Contracts
  • Real Estate Brokerage

If you would like to be able to teach on of our non-elective CE courses you must fill out the request on the Qualifying Real Estate Instructor Application