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The full Inspector Committee met on April 3 to review the education related rules proposed at the February Commission meeting and discuss any needed changes to those rules prior to their adoption, of which there were none. The Committee recommended the rules be adopted as proposed and the Commission did so at its May 1st meeting.  In addition to reviewing the proposed rules, the Committee also discussed the exempt CE providers rule and possible ways improve the process for awarding CE credit from those providers. The Committee sent this issue to the Education Subcommittee to further discuss and provide a recommendation to the full committee.

The Education Subcommittee met on May 19th to discuss this issue.  Staff reported that there is some confusion from inspectors about what courses are eligible for CE credit under the exempt provider rule because many exempt providers use third parties to provide courses and to be eligible for credit under the rule, exempt providers must offer courses themselves. In order to determine if the rule should, in fact, be amended, the Subcommittee asked staff to investigate how many inspectors use this provision and report if there have been any issues with awarding credit for those inspectors at the next Subcommittee meeting.  

The Subcommittee also discussed possible ways for instructors and students to evaluate a ride-along inspection course.  The Subcommittee realized it needs more information about those who take and teach the ride-along course. As a result, TREC will be emailing out a survey to all ride-along instructors and students who have taken the course, asking for their feedback on the course, and input on ways to improve the ride-along experience. Please be on the lookout for the survey. Your participation is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

The Committee’s next meeting is Monday, July 17 at 10 am at the TREC offices in Austin. Please check the TREC website additional information about what we will be discussing. Please attend if you can. Your involvement in the process helps us make informed policy decisions.