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Language related to license reinstatement is removed from §535.55.

Subsection (b) of §535.55 also contains a  change recommended by the Education Standards Advisory Committee that would require a sales agent to complete the 30-hour qualifying real estate brokerage course as part of the additional 90 hours of qualifying courses that must be completed by the expiration date of the sales agent’s initial licensing period. The change to §535.55 regarding the real estate brokerage course requirement will not increase the overall education hours, but will require a specific course be taken and in a majority of cases, will also result in a real estate broker license applicant having to take the course twice if the rule is ultimately adopted. 

Rule Number: 
22 TAC §535.55
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Education and Sponsorship Requirements for a Sales Agent License
Proposed Date: 
Monday, February 13, 2023
Adopted Date: 
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Effective Date: 
Sunday, October 1, 2023
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22 TAC §535.055
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