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Licensee and Registrant Data to Download

Looking for information on a particular licensee? You can Search Licensee Info/Education at the top of any web page.

For file descriptions, please refer to the document below.

These files should be downloaded and saved rather than opened due to their sizes.
(choose "Save", not "Open" when prompted)

Update Frequency Description
 county.txt 3 Kb 4/4/2011 n/a County Code Table in TAB-delimited file
 TREC Public Information Files 485 Kb 7/18/2014 if and when format changes Format information for trecfile.txt, erwfile.txt and inspfile.txt 14.9 Mb 12/14/2014 weekly Broker and Sales licensees in a ZIP COMPRESSED file
Consult TREC Public Information Files for file format information.
(compressed file - requires unzipping) 347 Kb 12/14/2014 weekly Inspector licensees in an UNCOMPRESSED file
Consult TREC Public Information Files for file format information. 306 Kb 12/14/2014 weekly Easement Or Right-of-Way Registrants in an UNCOMPRESSED file
Consult TREC Public Information Files for file format information. (the "zipped" REIApplication.txt)
(choose "Save", not "Open" when prompted)
356 Kb 12/14/2014 weekly Applications for Initial License Issuance for Salespersons and Brokers in a COMPRESSED file
Consult ReadMeREIAppl.txt contained within the .zip for file format information.

About files ending in ".zip" - The .zip extension on the end of a filename indicates a compressed file, which needs to be "unzipped". This ability is built in to Windows XP and later Windows computers, or you can download 7-Zip® or WinZip® or any unzipping utility that works with the "zip" type of file compression. There is NO relation between these ".zip" files and the "ZipForms"® offered by the Texas Association of REALTORS®. (Also note: The Texas Association of REALTORS® is not affiliated with the Texas Real Estate Commission. The former is a professional organization, and the latter is this State of Texas regulatory agency).

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