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Complaints & Consumer Information Main Page

Consumer Information

TREC is responsible for licensing and regulating real estate professionals in Texas. Including:

  • Sales Agents,
  • Brokers,
  • Real Estate Inspectors,
  • Residential Service Companies (Home Warranty Companies)
  • Easement and Right-of-Way Agents

License holders are required to follow the provisions of the Real Estate License Act and the Rules of the Real Estate Commission in all transactions

For more information on buying and selling a home make sure to read TREC’s guide for buyers and sellers of real estate in Texas.

Filing a Complaint

If you feel there has been a violation of the Real Estate Licensing Act or TREC Rules you have a right to pdf iconfile a complaint.

TREC is limited to taking disciplinary action against those who are licensed and regulated by TREC. Commissioners and staff are prohibited from giving legal advice or opinions. If you need legal advice or want to recover money, please consult an attorney.

To file a complaint, complete ALL SECTIONS of the Complaint Form AND provide COMPLETE and LEGIBLE copies of all documentation relevant to the complaint, such as:

  • Sales contract (front and back) - all pages and all accompanying forms and attachments
  • Lease/rental agreement (front and back)
  • Listing/management agreement (front and back)
  • Disclosure statements (e.g. Information about Brokerage Services, Intermediary Relationship Notice, Seller's Disclosure Notice)
  • Closing statement (HUD 1)
  • Multiple listing service (MLS) printout
  • Appraisals
  • Inspection report
  • Photographs
  • Advertising
  • Repair bills
  • Receipts
  • Canceled checks (front and back)
  • Monthly statements
  • Correspondence, including demand letters and e-mails
  • Judgment/civil lawsuit documents (e.g. original petition, settlement documents)
  • Other (describe)



Email, Mail or fax your signed complaint to TREC at the address listed on the pdf iconcomplaint form. You will be notified by mail when your complaint has been received. If an investigation is opened, the person(s) against whom the complaint is filed will receive a copy of the complaint. After the investigation is concluded, staff will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to take disciplinary action. TREC makes every effort to process complaints in a timely manner; however, each complaint is different. It is important to allow TREC adequate time to fully investigate your complaint. Disciplinary action can include:

  • a formal reprimand,
  • the suspension or revocation of a license,
  • payment of an administrative penalty,
  • or other appropriate action.

Disciplinary History

You can find information about Disciplinary Actions through our online search tool. This is where you can get information about any disciplinary actions that may have been taken against a particular license holder.

Recovery Funds

TREC maintains two recovery funds available to consumers who have been harmed by certain license holders regulated by TREC, one applying to brokers, sales agents, or registered Easement or Right-of-Way agents, and one applying to real estate inspectors. Certain requirements need to be met before you are eligible to receive a payment from either fund. Check out our frequently asked questions on our FAQ page and the Model Application for the Real Estate Recovery Trust Account.

Other Resources for Consumers:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Toolkit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released a new guide booklet to help home buyers become more knowledgeable about the mortgage process. "Your Home Loan Toolkit: A Step by Step Guide" provides information to help you get the best mortgage and provides information to better understand your closing costs.

Home Warranty Information

A home warranty (or residential service contact) can help defray the costs of maintaining certain elements of your home, including, repairing or replacing various home components, such as: ´┐Żappliances, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems. These warranties are offered by Residential Service Companies (or RSCs), which are regulated by TREC. Typically a residential service contract is purchased by the seller for the buyer of an existing home in conjunction with the sale of that property (usually for a term of one-year).

See the current list of residential service companies licensed to do business in the State of Texas.

Residential service contracts only provide coverage for existing properties. Warranties on newly constructed homes are typically provided by the builder and are not regulated by TREC. Builders may utilize risk retention groups to cover defects in the workmanship, systems, and appliances of new homes they have built. You can contact the Texas Department of Insurance or the Office of the Attorney General if you have a concern or complaint against a risk retention group.

TREC does NOT regulate:

Type of Business

Regulated By

Real Estate Developers Not regulated by any specific state agency
Home Builders See Question #2 of "Consumer Problems" in our Enforcement FAQs
Homeowners Association Not Regulated. See Question #5 of “Consumer Problems” in our Enforcement FAQs
Mortgage Brokers Texas Dept. of Savings & Mortgage Lending
Property Tax Consultants

TX Dept. of Licensing and Regulation
Title Insurance Companies

TX Dept. of Insurance

TX Dept. of Licensing and Regulation

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