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Strategic Planning 2016

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and the Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board (TALCB) are pleased to announce our biennial strategic planning listening tour. License holders and the public are invited to participate in the agency’s preparation of its 2017-2021 Strategic Plan by offering input at one of the following sessions:

TREC/TALCB Strategic Planning Meetings
Date Time Location
March 2nd 10:00am Collin County Association of REALTORS
March 8th 10:00am Austin Board of REALTORS
March 9th 10:00am San Antonio Board of REALTORS
March 10th 12:00pm Lubbock Association of REALTORS
March 18th 10:00pm Waco Association of REALTORS
March 22nd 10:00am Houston Association of REALTORS
March 23rd 12:00pm McAllen Association of REALTORS
March 24th 8:30am Harlingen Board of REALTORS
March 24th 12:00pm Brownsville Board of REALTORS

The purpose of these meetings will be to help guide the Commission and Board members during the strategic planning process. The questions listed below will act as a guideline for discussion for this year’s tour. These discussions are meant to be an open forum to gain insight on the needs and preferences of license holders and the public. Each session is planned for two hours and CE credit will be offered for license holders in attendance for the entire session.

In addition to the questions below, the Commission would like to hear license holder feedback on changes to its current advertising rule. Please give us your thoughts on the draft new advertisement rule. Your input will be considered by the Commission’s Executive Committee prior to proposal of a new advertisement rule.

Also, the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) has published a draft of several initiatives it is considering to add more flexibility to appraiser qualifications. TALCB would like to hear your thoughts on these.

If you are unable to attend a listening tour session, feel free to submit your comments via our online survey. Your responses are vital to this process.

Our agency protects consumers of real estate services in Texas by ensuring qualified and ethical service providers through education, licensing, and regulation. We oversee the providers of real estate brokerage, appraisal, inspection, home warranty, timeshares and right-of-way services, thereby safeguarding the public interest while facilitating economic growth and opportunity across Texas.

For Your Reference

See the FY 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.

TREC/TALCB Listening Tour Questions for Discussion

Questions about other RE related service providers and their regulators (e.g. lenders, title/escrow):

What do we need to know about the work of other Real Estate service providers that affects TREC and our license holders?

Are there areas of synergy with other Texas agencies that we can leverage to better serve Texas consumers?

Are there current or pending regulations or policies that we could work with other agencies to influence?

How can we work together to ensure consumers of real estate related services are better informed?


Questions about the competence of real estate related license holders:

Any suggestions for enhancing the qualifications and ethical practices of real estate license holders?

How can we make current advertising rules simpler for license holders and more effective for consumers?

Any suggestions for how to ensure new license holders make fewer mistakes or rule violations?

How can we enhance formal competence training of agents so consumers are better served?

Is there a need for advanced training of service providers for commercial and other specialty or complex areas?

With specialty or complex transactions, is there a need for disclosure to customer or clients of specialized education or experience?

Any suggestions for the AQB on their draft proposals for alternative education or experience?


Questions about our agency’s operations:

Any areas of our current operations where you see that we can improve? Any areas we are missing and should consider?

Is our agency website easy to search to find relevant information? Is the information accurate?

What do you think this agency should be doing for Texas consumers of real estate related services that we are not currently doing?


Questions about other service providers that this agency regulates or for which we have overlapping jurisdiction:

What is your perception of and experience with real estate or home inspectors?

What is your perception of and experience with real property appraisers?

What is your perception of and experience with real property tax consultants?

What is your perception of and experience with tax appraisal district officials?

What is your perception of and experience with home warranty products or providers?

What is your perception of and experience with easement/right of way agents?


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