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* 1. Were instructions regarding the Texas Real Estate Commission or school rules on attendance, credit, breaks, course and instructor evaluation, etc., clearly stated at the beginning of the course?  
* 2. Was the class started on time at the beginning, after breaks, after lunch, and attendance monitored by the provider at all times?  
* 3. Was the course content relevant or beneficial to your needs in the practice of real estate?  
* 4. Did the course fulfill its stated objectives?  
* 5. Was the instructor professional and well prepared for the course?  
* 6. If the course was delivered online or by correspondence, was a TREC-approved instructor available if you had questions?  
* 7. Did the instructor demonstrate knowledge and explain the material clearly?  
* 8. Did the instructor encourage feedback and class participation?  
* 9. Were the classrooms neat and clean and favorable to learning?  
* 10. Overall, how satisfied were you with the quality of the course?  
* 11. Did the online delivery of the course meet or exceed your expectations?  
12. Do you have any suggestions for improvement and/or other comments?